Our Medical rubber products made from virgin natural rubber have excellent surface finish, elasticity, flexibility, resillience, high mechanical properties and are odour free. They have the necessary bio-compatibility and are safe for short term contact with intact human skin. Surgical/Medical Rubber Goods category have Catheters, Rectal/Colon Tubes, Invalid Air Rings (Air Cushions), Corrugated Drainage Sheets, Mackintosh Sheeting, Hospital Rubber Sheeting, Atomizer Bulbs, Air Way Tube, Pessary Rubber Ring, Ice Bags, Chloroform Bellows/Sigmoidoscope bellows, Ear/Ulcer Syringes, Tourniquet, Enema Products, and many other products.



Invalid Air Rings (Air Cushions)

Enema Syringes (Higginson)

Air Way Tube

Atomizer Bulbs

Catheters - Malecot, Depezer, Jacques pattern

Chloroform Bellows, Sigmoidoscope bellows

Corrugated Drainage Sheets

Douche Bags, Enema Bags

Douche Tubes

Ear, Ulcer Syringes

Vaginal Douche Spray

Ice Bags

Irrigating syringe (Asepto Syringe)

Pessary Rubber Ring

Pipette Bulbs

Pipette Filler Bulbs - 3 Way

Rectal, Colon Tubes

Rectal, Infant Syringe

Ryles Tube

Stomach Tube

Surgical, Laboratory Tubing


Mackintosh Sheeting

Hot Water Bottles

Hot Water Bottle Covers

Breast Pump