Medical Disposables

Designed to minimize patient discomfort and distress, our Intravenous Cannual are highly recommended for Infusion therapy. We also offer a wide range of good quality Medical Disposables for general surgery, anaesthesia, urology, gastro entrology, paediatric, gynaecology, transfusion/blood management, surgical wear and more.

You may view our entire medical disposables range and select the most suitable product as per your requirements.






Transfusion Disposable Products

Blood Collection Tubes

Surgical Medical Gloves

Plastic Vaginal Speculum


Plastic Scissors

Safety Boxes

Plastic Mouth Piece for Endoscopes

Plastic Sponge Holder

Urology Disposables Products

Plastic Tweezers

Anesthesia Disposable Products

Gastro Entrology Disposable Products

Gynecology and Pediatric Disposable Products

Surgical Dressings

Non Woven Disposable Products

Laryngeal Mask

Surgical Blades & Scalpels

Tube with Swab

Maternity Pads

ECG Electrodes